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Tulsa Mall LHTCZZB Ashtray Portable Cheap bargain Non-Slip Environmentally Water-Washable

LHTCZZB Ashtray Portable Non-Slip Water-Washable Environmentally


LHTCZZB Ashtray Portable Non-Slip Water-Washable Environmentally

Product description

Product information

Why choose our ashtray?

In addition to containing ash, an ashtray is also a handicraft. A good ashtray can add unlimited charm to the host.

-Helps you to smoke more conveniently and comfortably. Small and cute size, easy to carry and place, handle and easy to clean.

product features:

Strictly use environmentally friendly resin material
Creative sports car shape cool and stylish
A larger cylinder can effectively reduce soot floating

Any occasion, can be placed anywhere in the home

High capacity
Can load more soot
There is nowhere to put soot fluttering around
This ashtray will help you

Material: environmentally friendly resin

Color: beige

Specification: 27*12*8.5cm

Packing list:

LHTCZZB Ashtray Portable Non-Slip Water-Washable Environmentally

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