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Cross Ranking TOP2 Stitch Kits DIY Art Beginners for Adult and Embroider Kids High order

Cross Stitch Kits DIY Art Beginners for Adult and Kids Embroider


Cross Stitch Kits DIY Art Beginners for Adult and Kids Embroider

Product description

The product contains:
pre-printed embroidery cloth: ×1
needle: ×2
thread: enough
description: ×1
pattern: ×1
11CT Pre-printed fabric size: 40X50cm
Canvas packaging method: Folding


Each type of line corresponds to a number and symbol, as well as numbers and symbolsThe corresponding content of each line is printed on the canvas.
This kind of cross stitch design should be completed with 3 strands. Each row we provide consists of 6 shares, so you need to divide the 6 shares into two or three shares.

Fabric cleaning:
After the embroidery kit is completed, use water-soluble printing dyes.
Just immerse the cross stitch pattern in warm water.
After 15 minutes. The symbols and lines printed on the fabric disappeared.
Then it will become clear and beautiful.
The finished product is very suitable for wall hangings and exquisite gifts.
This is also an exquisite gift for family and friends.

Note: This is not a finished painting, you need to complete it yourself.
You can send us the picture you want to customize via email. Customize the desired mode.
If you have any questions, please feel free to leave us a message, your satisfaction is our goal.

Cross Stitch Kits DIY Art Beginners for Adult and Kids Embroider

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