$25 HSBOY Spa Bath Pillow Waterproof Full Body Bath Pillows for Head Beauty Personal Care Personal Care HSBOY Spa Bath Pillow Waterproof for Head Full Body Pillows Cheap Waterproof,Head,for,Body,Bath,/Laodicean1018947.html,Beauty Personal Care , Personal Care,Bath,HSBOY,$25,Pillow,Pillows,Spa,Full,cot.tv $25 HSBOY Spa Bath Pillow Waterproof Full Body Bath Pillows for Head Beauty Personal Care Personal Care HSBOY Spa Bath Pillow Waterproof for Head Full Body Pillows Cheap Waterproof,Head,for,Body,Bath,/Laodicean1018947.html,Beauty Personal Care , Personal Care,Bath,HSBOY,$25,Pillow,Pillows,Spa,Full,cot.tv

HSBOY Spa Bath Pillow Waterproof for Head Superior Full Body Pillows Cheap

HSBOY Spa Bath Pillow Waterproof Full Body Bath Pillows for Head


HSBOY Spa Bath Pillow Waterproof Full Body Bath Pillows for Head

Product description


Name: Adult bath cushion
Material: Polyester + Poly Dragon particles
Color: blue, pink
Size: 93*40cm
Application: adult
Weight: 0.32KG (without packaging)
Reminder: Due to manual measurement, there is a 1-2CM error, please understand!

3D honeycomb mesh cloth is circulated and ventilated through water and easy to dry

Great Helper for Bath Time!
This bath pillow is designed to last longer, and we are confident that you will love and enjoy it. This is truly a luxury addition to your bath accessories, and it will be a great gift for your friends and loved ones.

Super Comfortable
Designed to make bathing comfortable and relaxing, It’s a must have bath accessories for women at bath time. Leaning on a the edge of the tub for a long period of time will hurt your neck, but this pillows allows you to stay as long as you would like without the backache.

Pefect Gift Choice
Our bath piilow for tub neck and shoulder will be a great gift for your friends and loved ones at Birthday, mother’s day, father’s day and christmas.

HSBOY Spa Bath Pillow Waterproof Full Body Bath Pillows for Head

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