$49,Aqua,/Laodicean1097247.html,Rug,,Mat,cot.tv,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Farm,Floor,Retro,Grain,Area,Olivefox,Feet,Wood,3x5 Olivefox 3x5 Feet Floor Mat Area Retro Aqua Wood Grain Farm Rug Max 63% OFF $49 Olivefox 3x5 Feet Floor Mat Area Rug, Retro Farm Wood Grain Aqua Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $49 Olivefox 3x5 Feet Floor Mat Area Rug, Retro Farm Wood Grain Aqua Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $49,Aqua,/Laodicean1097247.html,Rug,,Mat,cot.tv,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Farm,Floor,Retro,Grain,Area,Olivefox,Feet,Wood,3x5 Olivefox 3x5 Feet Floor Mat Area Retro Aqua Wood Grain Farm Rug Max 63% OFF

Olivefox 3x5 Feet Floor Mat Area Retro Aqua Wood Grain Farm Popular brand Rug Max 63% OFF

Olivefox 3x5 Feet Floor Mat Area Rug, Retro Farm Wood Grain Aqua


Olivefox 3x5 Feet Floor Mat Area Rug, Retro Farm Wood Grain Aqua

Product description

Size:3x5 Feet

Product Describe:
Shape: Rectangle
Size: 3x5 Feet
Material: Non Woven Fabric
Package includes: 1 pcs x area rugs

Functional and Fashionable
This elegant and versatile floor rug features a classic color combination that blends in elegantly with a wide array of color schemes and home furnishings. The beautifully detailed pattern adds texture, warmth and dimension to your space while remaining subtle enough to complement rather than compete with the rest of the décor.

Protect Delicate Flooring
This fashionable indoor area rug is comfortable and inviting underfoot without becoming bulky or difficult to vacuum. The versatile area rug size provides ample coverage to protect flooring from the scratches and minor damages that can come from foot traffic and furniture.

Perfect for dining room, living room, bedroom. Lightweight and low profile. No additional rug pad needed. Spot clean with mild soap. Vacuum Regularly.

It's great you have the opportunity to come in and give holiday presents to the your family and spend time with them; whether adults or children, friends or lovers, they will be very happy that you give them this stylish rug as a gift.

1. Pictures may differ slightly from the actual color of the product due to differences in monitors and light effects on the camera.
2.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Olivefox 3x5 Feet Floor Mat Area Rug, Retro Farm Wood Grain Aqua

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