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Popular overseas Women Sleep Cap Landscape Mountains Forest free shipping Trees Wil Silhouettes

Women Sleep Cap Landscape Mountains Forest Silhouettes Trees Wil


Women Sleep Cap Landscape Mountains Forest Silhouettes Trees Wil

Product description

Ladies cotton nightcap
Female curly hair night caps are soft and comfortable, fit well, not too tight or too loose, please wear them on your head.Sleeping caps have sufficient porosity, which means that air and water molecules can flow freely through the fabric.
The night cap is designed to protect damaged hair, keep the hair warm, prevent water from dispersing, and keep moisture all night and comfortable.
These ladies nightcaps are perfect for people who want to use for the whole family, or who want to wear a variety of hats at home or when going out at home.

Printing: Single-sided printing
Material: imitation cotton + satin cloth
Size: 31CM*25.5CM
Applicable scenarios: sleep, work, travel or daily collocation.
Washing instructions: machine washable

Package includes:
1x Ladies Nightcap

Women Sleep Cap Landscape Mountains Forest Silhouettes Trees Wil

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