System,,Steering,Stee,MRA,,$602,Inboard,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,MU75,Boat,/abneural1097512.html,Hydraulic,Hydrodrive Outlet SALE Hydrodrive MU75 MRA Inboard Hydraulic Steering System Boat Stee Outlet SALE Hydrodrive MU75 MRA Inboard Hydraulic Steering System Boat Stee System,,Steering,Stee,MRA,,$602,Inboard,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,MU75,Boat,/abneural1097512.html,Hydraulic,Hydrodrive $602 Hydrodrive MU75 MRA Inboard Hydraulic Steering System, Boat Stee Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $602 Hydrodrive MU75 MRA Inboard Hydraulic Steering System, Boat Stee Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

Outlet SALE Hydrodrive MU75 MRA Inboard Hydraulic Steering System New popularity Boat Stee

Hydrodrive MU75 MRA Inboard Hydraulic Steering System, Boat Stee


Hydrodrive MU75 MRA Inboard Hydraulic Steering System, Boat Stee

Product Description

Kit includes / Specifications

Hydraulic Pump: TL2-30 MRA, 28 cc.rev, Max 80 bar, with fittings installed, Lock-Valve
Hydraulic Cylinder: MC75 Hydraulic Cylinder, 114 cc.vol, Max 80 bar, with fittings installed, Stroke 225 mm
Hose set: 7+7 m (23") twin hose set (can be customized)
Turns: 4
Output force: 354 kgf (780 lbf)
Torque: 80 Kgm
Max Speed: 45 Kts
Hydraulic Oil: 1 l E-HVLP 46 (temp.+60°/-30°.)
MF90W Hydrodrive MF115 MRA Hydrodrive Hydrodrive Mf175w Mf350 W Hydrodrive MF75W
MF90W Outboard System till 90 HP MF115 MRA Outboard System till 120 HP MF175W Outboard System till 175 HP MF350W Outboard System till 350 HP MF75W Outboard System till 75 HP
Hydraulic Pump: TL1-16 TL1-16 MRA TL1-16 MRA TL2-30 MRA TL1-16 Hydraulic Pump
Hydraulic Cylinder: MC90W MC115W MC175W MC350W MC75W Hydraulic Cylinder
Twin Hose length: 5+5 m (16') 5+5 m (16') 6+6 m (20') 7+7 m (23') 4,5+4,5 m (15')
Turns: 4,5 4,5 5,4 5,2 4,4
Output force: 236 Kgf 236 Kgf 290 Kgf 495 Kgf 220 Kgf
Torque: 50 Kgm 50 Kgm 60 Kgm 102 Kgm 46 Kgm
Clearance: 720 mm 720 mm 720 mm 720 mm 720 mm
Anti Feedback Valve: - -
Automatic Pilot Connection: - -

Technical drawing

Hydrodrive MU75TF MRA TECHNICAL drawing

Hydrodrive MU75 MRA Inboard Hydraulic Steering System, Boat Stee

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