$37 Dining Chair Slipcover Farmhouse Sunflower Sheep Spandex Removab Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Spandex,Removab,Sheep,Slipcover,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Chair,cot.tv,Farmhouse,Sunflower,/allegeable1018922.html,$37,Dining Spandex,Removab,Sheep,Slipcover,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Chair,cot.tv,Farmhouse,Sunflower,/allegeable1018922.html,$37,Dining Dining Chair Slipcover Farmhouse Sheep Sunflower Indianapolis Mall Spandex Removab $37 Dining Chair Slipcover Farmhouse Sunflower Sheep Spandex Removab Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Dining Chair Slipcover Farmhouse Sheep Sunflower Indianapolis Mall Spandex Removab

Dining Chair NEW before selling Slipcover Farmhouse Sheep Sunflower Indianapolis Mall Spandex Removab

Dining Chair Slipcover Farmhouse Sunflower Sheep Spandex Removab


Dining Chair Slipcover Farmhouse Sunflower Sheep Spandex Removab

Product description


household supplies
Our dining chair slipcover is designed to protect your chair from stains, scuffs, tears, and accidental liquid leaks, make your chair look brand new as well as decorate your dining room.

Package includes:6 x Dining Chair Covers,8 x Dining Chair Covers.
Elastic cord sewn on bottom made the stretch fabric covers more uniform style: Give the chair a whole protection and compacted effect. Smooth and wrinkle free which add luxurious and refresh decor to your home furniture
Protect your Furniture : Protect your chair from spills, stains, dirt, grime, wear and tear, old and shabby.Great for homes with children and pets.
Please Note: Due to different monitor or screens, colors may a slightly different as you see, but never change itself attractions.Please refer to product size picture before purchase.
Suitable for Chair Size:Back Height 18-22inch(45-55cm);Seat Length 12-20inch(30-50cm);Seat Width 12-20inch(30-50cm).Please check the measurement guide in the item picture before order.
Customer Service:We offer 30 days free return or exchange,if you aren't satisfied with your purchase.Any problem please contact us first time.We will offer the best solution to you.

Dining Chair Slipcover Farmhouse Sunflower Sheep Spandex Removab

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