$174 CAMILYIN Men's Golf Shoess,Rubber Stud Golf Shoes Cushion, Soft Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Shoess,Rubber,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,cot.tv,CAMILYIN,Soft,Golf,$174,Stud,Golf,Men's,Cushion,,Shoes,/allegeable1019022.html Shoess,Rubber,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,cot.tv,CAMILYIN,Soft,Golf,$174,Stud,Golf,Men's,Cushion,,Shoes,/allegeable1019022.html CAMILYIN Men's Golf Shoess Challenge the lowest price of Japan Rubber Cushion Soft Stud Shoes $174 CAMILYIN Men's Golf Shoess,Rubber Stud Golf Shoes Cushion, Soft Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men CAMILYIN Men's Golf Shoess Challenge the lowest price of Japan Rubber Cushion Soft Stud Shoes

CAMILYIN Men's Golf Shoess Challenge the lowest price of Japan Rubber Cushion Soft Quantity limited Stud Shoes

CAMILYIN Men's Golf Shoess,Rubber Stud Golf Shoes Cushion, Soft


CAMILYIN Men's Golf Shoess,Rubber Stud Golf Shoes Cushion, Soft

Product description


Made of high-strength steel wire, it can withstand 40KG traction. Seconds to wear shoes. Very practical

Golf shoes fit snugly when put on, and have a strong ability to absorb sweat. It can increase the friction when playing the ball, making the ball more stable and farther, and at the same time it can well protect the soles of the feet.

High-quality rubber soles and fixed studs help you stay strong and maintain excellent performance on soft turf golf courses.

★ Soft and comfortable cotton lining, sweat-absorbing and breathable
★ Function: non-slip, breathable, comfortable


Name: Microfiber leather waterproof shoes
Material quality: waterproof nylon cloth
Sole: Standard wear-resistant rubber outsole
Size: 39-44
Color: black blue, gray blue, black red
Performance: comfortable and breathable/strong abrasion resistance
Sole: transparent rubber
Sneaker bag material: PU leather
Sneaker bag size: length 33CM*width 20CM*height 12CM
Sneaker bag net weight: 0.31KG
Applicable places: plastic, floor, field, hard ground, soil field, natural grass, artificial grass, mountainous area


Golf shoes * 1
Golf shoe bag * 1

CAMILYIN Men's Golf Shoess,Rubber Stud Golf Shoes Cushion, Soft

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