$86 cast iron teapot with standAntique Collection Bronze Ornaments B Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Ornaments,with,cast,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,iron,B,Collection,cot.tv,teapot,$86,/allegeable554822.html,Bronze,standAntique $86 cast iron teapot with standAntique Collection Bronze Ornaments B Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining cast iron teapot with standAntique Max 67% OFF Collection Bronze B Ornaments Ornaments,with,cast,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,iron,B,Collection,cot.tv,teapot,$86,/allegeable554822.html,Bronze,standAntique cast iron teapot with standAntique Max 67% OFF Collection Bronze B Ornaments

cast iron teapot with Kansas City Mall standAntique Max 67% OFF Collection Bronze B Ornaments

cast iron teapot with standAntique Collection Bronze Ornaments B


cast iron teapot with standAntique Collection Bronze Ornaments B

Product description

Material Copper
Size height is about 13cm
Process Die-casting

cast iron teapot with standAntique Collection Bronze Ornaments B

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