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Electric Leather Edge Cheap super special price Burnishing Grinder Polishing Machine Superior 110V

Electric Leather Edge Burnishing Machine, 110V Polishing Grinder


Electric Leather Edge Burnishing Machine, 110V Polishing Grinder

Product description


This is a machine that will give your product edge the perfect quality, and the operation is very simple.It not only saves you a lot of time, but also gives your product a professional look and can use it anytime, anywhere.

First use a sanding sleeves to scrape and shape the edges of your product, then use a hardwood burnishing wheel to smooth them, finally there are two leather polishing wheels that can perform their job perfectly.

This machine is suitable for all vegetable tanned leather products.


Package Size: 32 * 18 * 18 cm

Package Weight: 3.6 kg

Plug: US(110 V)

Package Included:

1 x Burnishing Machine

1 x Rosewood Grinding Head

1 x Belt Pulley

4 x Belts(2 x 120#, 2 x 180#)

1 x Connecting Rod

2 x Carbon Brushes

1 x Set of Leather Polishing Wheel Clamps

1 x 12 mm Wrench

1 x 17 mm Wrench

1 x Positive Screw

1 x Negative Screw

Note: Leather polishing wheel, flexible shaft and handle are not included.

As the rosewood grinding head is very fragile, do not tighten the nut too tight or close to high temperature areas during installation, otherwise the grinding head will be damaged.

Electric Leather Edge Burnishing Machine, 110V Polishing Grinder

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