Meat Cleaver Our shop most popular Knife Handmade Forged Kni Butcher Slaughter Meat Cleaver Our shop most popular Knife Handmade Forged Kni Butcher Slaughter $65 Meat Cleaver,Cleaver Knife Handmade Forged Butcher Slaughter Kni Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $65 Meat Cleaver,Cleaver Knife Handmade Forged Butcher Slaughter Kni Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Meat,Forged,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Knife,Kni,Slaughter,/bloodiness1233479.html,Handmade,,Butcher,$65,Cleaver,Cleaver Meat,Forged,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Knife,Kni,Slaughter,/bloodiness1233479.html,Handmade,,Butcher,$65,Cleaver,Cleaver

Meat Cleaver Our shop most popular Knife Handmade Forged Kni Butcher online shopping Slaughter

Meat Cleaver,Cleaver Knife Handmade Forged Butcher Slaughter Kni


Meat Cleaver,Cleaver Knife Handmade Forged Butcher Slaughter Kni

Product description

Product Description
Name: Full Tang Handmade Forged Chef Butcher Knife
Total length: 26.5 cm
Blade length: 14.5 cm
Blade width: 6.5 cm (The widest point)
Blade thickness: 0.3 mm
Net weight: 280g
Material : Handmade Forged High Manganese Steel Clad Steel
Handle: Full Tang integrated steel shank + wood + rivet fixing

Tip: Because this is a hand-made knife, Because it retains the most traditional craftsmanship, or he does not have the perfect line for high-end machine cutting, but its quality will be better

Its appearance may be a bit rough, but it is a tough guy.
High manganese steel Full tang slaughtering knife kitchen chef Butcher knife
It may also be Outdoor camping hunting fixed blade knife Chopping knife
A multi-purpose, practical and convenient.

High quality Chinese style 100% manual training professional chef Slaughter knife
Your kitchen needs this kind of good knife

Meat Cleaver,Cleaver Knife Handmade Forged Butcher Slaughter Kni

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