$48 WHZG Towel Bar Wall Mounted Towel Rail SUS 304 Stainless Steel T Tools Home Improvement Hardware $48 WHZG Towel Bar Wall Mounted Towel Rail SUS 304 Stainless Steel T Tools Home Improvement Hardware WHZG Towel Bar Nippon regular agency Wall Mounted Rail T Steel 304 SUS Stainless Towel,304,Rail,Towel,$48,/bloodiness1233579.html,T,Stainless,cot.tv,Wall,WHZG,Steel,Mounted,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Bar,SUS Towel,304,Rail,Towel,$48,/bloodiness1233579.html,T,Stainless,cot.tv,Wall,WHZG,Steel,Mounted,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Bar,SUS WHZG Towel Bar Nippon regular agency Wall Mounted Rail T Steel 304 SUS Stainless

WHZG Towel Bar Nippon regular agency Wall Limited time sale Mounted Rail T Steel 304 SUS Stainless

WHZG Towel Bar Wall Mounted Towel Rail SUS 304 Stainless Steel T


WHZG Towel Bar Wall Mounted Towel Rail SUS 304 Stainless Steel T

Product description


Our towel rack is very suitable for bathroom, living room or any place in the family, hotel and office that needs a towel rack. The towel rack is sturdy and durable, with sufficient load-bearing capacity.
【Material】: High quality SUS 304 stainless steel(Stainless steel construction,durable,against water)
【Installation】: Wall Mounted
【Surface Process】:Polished Finish
【Installation method】:Fix nail(Provide screw)

1.Place the base in the position you want to install, mark the mounting holes
2. In the mark at the hole hole, with expansion screw and screws fixed
【Features】:Fashion and noble

【 Tips】
- This product only sells towel bar.
- Due to manual measurements, allow 1-2 cm of measurement differences.
- Due to different computer monitors, the color of the object may be slightly different from the picture, please understand.
High-quality products, high-quality service, 12~30 days delivery, 24-hour manual service. To rest assured, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email and I will reply to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

WHZG Towel Bar Wall Mounted Towel Rail SUS 304 Stainless Steel T

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