Three Dolphin Wall Clock Silent Non Qu 12 Popular brand Inch Quality - Ticking -,Dolphin,12,Three,Silent,Inch,Qu,Quality,$28,Wall,Clock,/canalage1018935.html,Ticking,,Non,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products Three Dolphin Wall Clock Silent Non Qu 12 Popular brand Inch Quality - Ticking -,Dolphin,12,Three,Silent,Inch,Qu,Quality,$28,Wall,Clock,/canalage1018935.html,Ticking,,Non,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products $28 Three Dolphin Wall Clock Silent Non Ticking - 12 Inch Quality Qu Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $28 Three Dolphin Wall Clock Silent Non Ticking - 12 Inch Quality Qu Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Portland Mall Three Dolphin Wall Clock Silent Non Qu 12 Popular brand Inch Quality - Ticking

Three Dolphin Wall Clock Silent Non Ticking - 12 Inch Quality Qu


Three Dolphin Wall Clock Silent Non Ticking - 12 Inch Quality Qu

Product description

Home is the most important place in our heart.
With attractive decor it makes home more comfortable and peaceful.

★Product Specification
Style: Vintage/ ClassicDisplay : Analog.
Shape: Round.
Movement: Quartz (Battery Powered)
Type: Standard Wall Clock
Measurement: 12 inch
Battery Type: AA ( not included )
Package: 1 x Wall Clock in inner display box.

It is manufactured of the highest quality materials to guarantee the utmost durability and strength.
Precise quartz mechanism will ensure an accurate time, and the silent non-ticking sweeping movement allows you to rest in silence.

★Easy to read:
Large numbers are clear to read, no glass cover guarantees perfect view

★Modern decorative style design wall clock:
The contemporary and striking looking wall clock, can be matched with different furnitures, color walls, or wall paintings. Adorning any place with this decorative wall clock is just like icing on the cake!
The delicate yet prominent design of this modern clock is the perfect addition to upgrade the decor of your living room, dining room, bedroom or office.

★Battery Operated and Easy to Install:
Powered by one AA battery (not included).
Back slot design offers easy installation , just put a small nail through the plastic hook and it securely hangs on your wall within a few seconds.

The clock is unframed, and there is no glass face as the cover. Please be careful not to bend or press the clock hands while you put the battery in.

★Guarantee amp; Service:
1. If you find the clock hand is bent during transit, please make it straight by careful adjusting before battery is applied.
2. Our service team is ready to reply within 24 hours, pls feel free to contact us if there is any question.

Three Dolphin Wall Clock Silent Non Ticking - 12 Inch Quality Qu

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