$282 Portable Sofa Sofa Chair Lazy Sofa Bean Bag Creative Washable Si Home Kitchen Bedding Portable Sofa Chair Lazy Bean Nippon regular agency Bag Creative Washable Si $282 Portable Sofa Sofa Chair Lazy Sofa Bean Bag Creative Washable Si Home Kitchen Bedding Lazy,/canalage1233235.html,$282,Sofa,Creative,cot.tv,Sofa,Chair,Portable,Bag,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Washable,Si,Bean,Sofa Lazy,/canalage1233235.html,$282,Sofa,Creative,cot.tv,Sofa,Chair,Portable,Bag,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Washable,Si,Bean,Sofa Portable Sofa Chair Lazy Bean Nippon regular agency Bag Creative Washable Si

Portable Sofa Chair Lazy Bean Nippon regular agency Bag Creative Washable Super-cheap Si

Portable Sofa Sofa Chair Lazy Sofa Bean Bag Creative Washable Si


Portable Sofa Sofa Chair Lazy Sofa Bean Bag Creative Washable Si

Product description

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Name: lazy sofa, lazy chair
Color: blue, gray
Material: Cotton
Size: diameter 60cm, height 51cm
Whether it is assembled: no
Applicable scene: living room, bedroom, study, office

Cleaning method: Do not use chemicals
Furniture maintenance: furniture should avoid sun exposure, do not collide with hard metal,

★ This product is a lazy sofa, other products are not in the sales range!
★ Problems encountered when purchasing products.
Please contact us and we will answer your questions in time!
★ If you order, you will receive the goods within 15-20 days.
If you do not receive the goods in time, please contact us!
★ Quality Assurance: Quality is the most important in beauty art.
If you are not satisfied with any of the reasons, please let us know and you will receive a full refund or change customer service!

Portable Sofa Sofa Chair Lazy Sofa Bean Bag Creative Washable Si

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