All items free shipping IKAYAA Linen Platform Bed Single Hom Tall Headboard with for $132 IKAYAA Linen Platform Bed Single Bed with Tall Headboard for Hom Home Kitchen Furniture Tall,Linen,Headboard,Bed,IKAYAA,Platform,$132,/canalage1233435.html,Hom,with,,Single,for,Bed,Home Kitchen , Furniture Tall,Linen,Headboard,Bed,IKAYAA,Platform,$132,/canalage1233435.html,Hom,with,,Single,for,Bed,Home Kitchen , Furniture $132 IKAYAA Linen Platform Bed Single Bed with Tall Headboard for Hom Home Kitchen Furniture All items free shipping IKAYAA Linen Platform Bed Single Hom Tall Headboard with for

All items free shipping IKAYAA Linen Platform Bed Single Hom Ranking TOP18 Tall Headboard with for

IKAYAA Linen Platform Bed Single Bed with Tall Headboard for Hom


IKAYAA Linen Platform Bed Single Bed with Tall Headboard for Hom

Product description

This Upholstered bed with Headboard is a minimalistic, stylish bed frame that works well with a variety of decorating styles and makes it easy for you to enhance and improve your space. Featuring strong, solid pine wood and ten supporting slats, this bed is built to last, ensuring it will accompany you for many years. Upholstered in foam-filled polyester for an inviting feel, the included headboard boasts button-tufted detailing that adds a touch of visual texture.

Weight amp; Dimensions
Overall Product Dimension:83.6”L x 43.3”W x 43.2”H
Detail Product Dimension:Please refer to the Size image
Number of Package:1
Package Dimension:Please refer to the Specification
Overall Product Weight:79 LBS
Package Weight:Please refer to the Specification
Weight Capacity:400LBS
Recommended Mattress Thickness:8"
Product Type:Bed
Box Spring Required:No
Number of Slats:10
Assembly Required:Yes
Notes:Manual measurement has been used,there may be some reasonable error.
Non-product issues will not be returned, thank you for your understanding!
All the pictures are taken by actual samples, slight chromatic aberration may occur due to lighting or display.

1 * Single Bed

IKAYAA Linen Platform Bed Single Bed with Tall Headboard for Hom

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