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XIAOQIAO Adjustable Piano Stool Popular popular with Automatic Lift Hydraulic I- Raleigh Mall

XIAOQIAO Adjustable Piano Stool with Hydraulic Automatic Lift I-


XIAOQIAO Adjustable Piano Stool with Hydraulic Automatic Lift I-

Product description


▶PU leather fabric cushion
Soft and comfortable, stylish and beautiful

▶Safety footstool
Reinforced alloy footrest, sturdy and durable

▶Hydraulic lifting
Freely adjustable height, suitable for all people

▶Stable load-bearing
150kg stable load-bearing, safe to use

▶PU anti-slip mat
Protect the floor from scratches

Name: Piano Stool
Colour: Black
Material: PU, metal
Lifting height: 45~57cm
Size: 72 * 32 * 7 cm(length * width * thickness)
Function: Height adjustment, hydraulic lifting technology
Care instructions: Wipe the surface of the stool with a cotton cloth dipped in neutral detergent, and then dry it with a dry cloth.

There may be some measuring error because of the manual measurement, hope your tolerance.

Due to the angle of the camera or the influence of light, the color of the product should be based on the actual situation.

If you have any problem with your purchase, please kindly email us, and we will try our best to serve you.

XIAOQIAO Adjustable Piano Stool with Hydraulic Automatic Lift I-

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