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LUYIYI Old-Fashioned Ceiling Lamp Long-awaited Industry F Antique Ranking TOP3 Metal

LUYIYI Old-Fashioned Ceiling Lamp Industry, Antique Metal Lamp F


LUYIYI Old-Fashioned Ceiling Lamp Industry, Antique Metal Lamp F

Product description

The hand-made ceiling lamp has soft light and natural color of wire shadow.

Lighting material: metal (iron)
Surface treatment: painted bronze
Wattage: 3 * 60W (maximum value)
Applicable space: 10-20 square
Voltage: Europe 110V-240V
Lamp base: E27
Installation type:
Including hard-wired bulbs or not: not included
Bulb head size: 5.5 inches in diameter
Our delivery time is 10 to 25 days, please be patient after purchase.
If you are not satisfied with our products, please contact us as soon as possible, our professional customer service team will solve your problem quickly and effectively.

LUYIYI Old-Fashioned Ceiling Lamp Industry, Antique Metal Lamp F

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