$39 Halloween Cute Pumpkin Snack Bowl Stand, 3-Tier Plastic Cupcake Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Pumpkin,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Cupcake,Halloween,$39,Snack,cot.tv,Stand,,Plastic,Bowl,3-Tier,/choristate555059.html,Cute Pumpkin,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Cupcake,Halloween,$39,Snack,cot.tv,Stand,,Plastic,Bowl,3-Tier,/choristate555059.html,Cute $39 Halloween Cute Pumpkin Snack Bowl Stand, 3-Tier Plastic Cupcake Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Halloween Cute Pumpkin Ranking TOP10 Snack Bowl Stand Cupcake 3-Tier Plastic Halloween Cute Pumpkin Ranking TOP10 Snack Bowl Stand Cupcake 3-Tier Plastic

Halloween Cute Pumpkin Ranking TOP10 Snack Bowl Stand Cupcake 3-Tier Dealing full price reduction Plastic

Halloween Cute Pumpkin Snack Bowl Stand, 3-Tier Plastic Cupcake


Halloween Cute Pumpkin Snack Bowl Stand, 3-Tier Plastic Cupcake

Product description

Color:4 Bowls

Halloween snack bowl serving piece
Shaped like vintage witch?s broom
plastic pumpkin-shaped bowls
Anchored by sturdy plastic ?handle?
Food-safe for hot amp; cold refreshments

Realistic broom bristles, skillfully crafted plastic
Stand: hand wash only with damp cloth
Removable, plastic bowls: microwave- and dishwasher-safe
Each snack rack gives a corresponding number of pumpkin cups


Size:3/4/6 bowls

Package included: 1 set Halloween snack bowl rack storage rack

Warm tips:
1. Due to manual measurement, please allow a slight error.
2. The color may be slightly different due to different monitors.

Halloween Cute Pumpkin Snack Bowl Stand, 3-Tier Plastic Cupcake

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