Friedrich UCT08A10A Uni-Fit 8 000 Under blast sales 115v In-Wall Condition Air BTU $564 Friedrich UCT08A10A Uni-Fit 8,000 BTU 115v In-Wall Air Condition Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality Uni-Fit,8,000,$564,,UCT08A10A,BTU,Condition,Friedrich,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,115v,In-Wall,/dazingly1233166.html,Air Uni-Fit,8,000,$564,,UCT08A10A,BTU,Condition,Friedrich,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,115v,In-Wall,/dazingly1233166.html,Air Friedrich UCT08A10A Uni-Fit 8 000 Under blast sales 115v In-Wall Condition Air BTU $564 Friedrich UCT08A10A Uni-Fit 8,000 BTU 115v In-Wall Air Condition Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality

Friedrich UCT08A10A Uni-Fit 8 000 Under blast sales 115v In-Wall Direct stock discount Condition Air BTU

Friedrich UCT08A10A Uni-Fit 8,000 BTU 115v In-Wall Air Condition


Friedrich UCT08A10A Uni-Fit 8,000 BTU 115v In-Wall Air Condition

Product description

The all new Uni-Fit offers outstanding energy efficiency, QuietMaster technology and integrated Wi-Fi voice-command compatible control from your smartphone with Friedrich Go. A universal fit for existing sleeves from 24 ½"-27". Ships with a two-piece trim ring that fits over the chassis front. 8,000 - 13,000 Btu/h. Cooling only and cooling + electric heat models.

Product Highlights:
Solid steel inner wall
Advanced airflow design
High-density insulation and foam for sound absorption
Aesthetically engineered to block indoor noise
Counterweights for vibration dampening

Product Features:
QuietMaster Technology
Engineered for quiet performance with superior components. As much as 25% quieter than competitor’s products.

Smart Wi-Fi Control with Voice Command
Home or away, you’re in control with the Friedrich Go App. Integrated Wi-Fi control from your smartphone plus voice command compatibility. Simplified set-up gets you connected in minutes. New intuitive platform makes it easier to take control anytime, anywhere!

Money Saver Technology
Uni-Fit’s Money Saver technology helps both your wallet and the Earth stay green. The setting saves money by operating the fan only when cooling.

Comfort amp; Convenience
Units are equipped with a three cooling and fan-only speeds as well as 8-way air flow control. Uni-Fits will auto restart if power is interrupted.

Earth Friendly
Friedrich’s commitment to environment-friendly cooling is shown in the Uni-Fit. The unit is available in ENERGY STAR qualified models and arrives in recyclable packaging.

Uni-Fits are designed to fit in 24 ½, 26 and 27-inch sleeves. Each model comes with a universal fit decorative trim ring to fill gaps up to 1" on the sides and ½" on the top of the unit and provide a finished and neat appearance.

Friedrich UCT08A10A Uni-Fit 8,000 BTU 115v In-Wall Air Condition

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