$210 ZLGE Home or Commercial Abdominal Muscle Fitness Equipment Adjus Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness ZLGE Home or Commercial Abdominal Muscle Adjus Equipment Limited time sale Fitness ZLGE Home or Commercial Abdominal Muscle Adjus Equipment Limited time sale Fitness $210 ZLGE Home or Commercial Abdominal Muscle Fitness Equipment Adjus Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness cot.tv,$210,Equipment,Home,Adjus,Commercial,/dogeless1097277.html,Fitness,Abdominal,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,ZLGE,Muscle,or cot.tv,$210,Equipment,Home,Adjus,Commercial,/dogeless1097277.html,Fitness,Abdominal,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,ZLGE,Muscle,or

ZLGE Selling and selling Home or Commercial Abdominal Muscle Adjus Equipment Limited time sale Fitness

ZLGE Home or Commercial Abdominal Muscle Fitness Equipment Adjus


ZLGE Home or Commercial Abdominal Muscle Fitness Equipment Adjus

Product description

Polygonal foot cover design can turn to adjust balance
Rear leg lift-warm up before exercise to exercise thigh muscles is also a warm up before dumbbell exercise
Exercise Abdominal Muscles Effectively exercise rectus abdominis and some thigh muscles
Dumbbell Bench Press Mainly exercise the pectoralis major and triceps
Leaning over to row a boat Mainly exercise the latissimus dorsi muscle with deltoid and trapezius
Dumbbell push shoulder-exercise arm muscles, mainly deltoid muscles
Dumbbells flexing and stretching over the top arm
Product function: dumbbell training
Packing size: 118x35x23cm
Product material: PU leather, high-quality steel

ZLGE Home or Commercial Abdominal Muscle Fitness Equipment Adjus

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