Davitu Bombing new work Remote Controls - 85v~250V Con 110V 220V 4CH Radio Con,$44,Controls,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,220V,cot.tv,110V,Davitu,85v~250V,/dogeless1097477.html,-,4CH,Remote,Remote,Radio Davitu Bombing new work Remote Controls - 85v~250V Con 110V 220V 4CH Radio $44 Davitu Remote Controls - 85v~250V 110V 220V 4CH Radio Remote Con Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $44 Davitu Remote Controls - 85v~250V 110V 220V 4CH Radio Remote Con Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Con,$44,Controls,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,220V,cot.tv,110V,Davitu,85v~250V,/dogeless1097477.html,-,4CH,Remote,Remote,Radio

Davitu Bombing new work Remote Controls - 85v~250V Con Finally popular brand 110V 220V 4CH Radio

Davitu Remote Controls - 85v~250V 110V 220V 4CH Radio Remote Con


Davitu Remote Controls - 85v~250V 110V 220V 4CH Radio Remote Con

Product description

Working Voltage : 85V-250V
Output Current : 10A
Working Frequency : 315MHZ/433MZH( Frequency can be customized)
please notice that here is in set , we have made it work together before we ship to you , so you don\'t have to care about what frequency are they .only someone who buy the receiver or transmitter alone ,he must care about the frequency to match .
Receiver sensitivity: : -105Db
Working temperature : -20\'C - +60\'C
Output way : Jog .Inter-lock .Self -lock is Adjustable
Code type :Learning code
Compared to average 220 v wireless remote control switch, this switch is more safer and more stable, voltage from 85 v to 260v, avoid the switch damage caused by the voltage instability, prolong the service life of switch, the static power consumption is low, 10 ma. Maximum load 1000W
working/output way
Jog: press one button is working /ON. loosen your finger on the same button is stop/OFF .one channel switch(receiver) need one buttons remote control (transmitter )
Self -lock: press one button for one time is working/ON .press the same button again is stop/OFF .(one channel switch(receiver) need one buttons remote control (transmitter)
Inter-lock : press one button is working/ON ,press another button is stop/OFF . ( one channel switch( receiver )need 2 buttons remote control (transmitter )
Please notice that :
here is the 4CH and 4 buttons remote control .you can choose the all the working way that you can choose ,you have better choose the Jog or self-lock ,so all the buttons has been used .
Please tell us the working way that you want after you buy it , if you are not the professional person, we would set the working way as your requirement before we ship .
Learning Method:
1. press the learning code .the indicator flash ,loosen your finger ,press any button of the remote control ,the indicator flash 2 times and off .it mean you learn it successfully .
2. it can learn more than 12 PCS 2262 or

Davitu Remote Controls - 85v~250V 110V 220V 4CH Radio Remote Con

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