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Hammock Swing Chair Soft Cushioned Hanging Nippon regular 25% OFF agency Ha Garden Set

Hammock Swing Chair, Soft Cushioned Hanging Swing Set, Garden Ha


Hammock Swing Chair, Soft Cushioned Hanging Swing Set, Garden Ha

Product description

Indoor or outdoor

Hang this armchair in the garden or on the terrace and create your own retreat. Here you can read books or take a nap on a cozy afternoon. Or create an oasis of calm in your bedroom or living room with this hanging chair. Whether it's hot or cold outside, you can snuggle up like a cat, listen to music or watch a movie and let go of everyday stress.

We should share beautiful things with our family or friends. However, if this hanging chair is so comfortable that you want to use it yourself, you might want to order two! Hang them side by side and you can sit and chat with your friends while enjoying the beauty of nature in your garden.

product des:
- Material: polyester, cotton, foam filling, solid wood
- Seat dimensions: 100 x 90 cm
- Weight: 2 kg
- Max. Load capacity: 120 kg

Scope of delivery:
- 1 x hanging chair

- Children may only use the hanging chair under adult supervision.
- Since the color of the product can change on different monitors, there may be color deviations.
- The dimensions given by us were determined by manual measurement, so that the product can deviate by up to 5 cm.

1. Due to manual measurement, please allow an error of 1-3mm, please refer to the actual product
1466. Due to the different shooting light of the monitor, the color is slightly different, please refer to the actual product

Hammock Swing Chair, Soft Cushioned Hanging Swing Set, Garden Ha

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