Bar,Rotation,Swive,PU,Home Kitchen , Furniture,ToMEET,Saddle,Stool,/eneugh1018997.html,$42,Leather,,Rolling,Stool, ToMEET Rolling Saddle Stool Ranking TOP18 Rotation PU Bar Leather Swive $42 ToMEET Rolling Saddle Stool Rotation Bar Stool, PU Leather Swive Home Kitchen Furniture $42 ToMEET Rolling Saddle Stool Rotation Bar Stool, PU Leather Swive Home Kitchen Furniture ToMEET Rolling Saddle Stool Ranking TOP18 Rotation PU Bar Leather Swive Bar,Rotation,Swive,PU,Home Kitchen , Furniture,ToMEET,Saddle,Stool,/eneugh1018997.html,$42,Leather,,Rolling,Stool,

ToMEET Rolling Saddle Stool Ranking TOP18 free shipping Rotation PU Bar Leather Swive

ToMEET Rolling Saddle Stool Rotation Bar Stool, PU Leather Swive


ToMEET Rolling Saddle Stool Rotation Bar Stool, PU Leather Swive

Product description

This fashionable and comfortable Saddle Stool Ha Ha Feet Rotation Bar Stool is designed for most of people to sit. It is made of high quality PU leather amp; sponge amp; plastic material, durable and soft for you to sit. And it features five casters, so it is easy for you to move it quickly. It is brand new and high quality, so it is the best choice for you! What is more important, it can rotate 360 degrees, very convenient! As a rotation chair, it is full of elegant and soft. Why not get one back home?


1. Material: PU Leather amp; Sponge amp; Plastic

2. Color: Black

3. Dimensions: (14.56 x 13.39 x 20-25.6)"

ToMEET Rolling Saddle Stool Rotation Bar Stool, PU Leather Swive

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