Good Old Days Chocolate Cobbler 5 per Pound - case. Ranking TOP6 2 Good Old Days Chocolate Cobbler 5 per Pound - case. Ranking TOP6 2 $75 Good Old Days Chocolate Cobbler, 5 Pound - 2 per case. Health Household Sports Nutrition -,2,Health Household , Sports Nutrition,Pound,Old,per,case.,,Cobbler,,Chocolate,Days,Good,5,$75,/eneugh1097197.html -,2,Health Household , Sports Nutrition,Pound,Old,per,case.,,Cobbler,,Chocolate,Days,Good,5,$75,/eneugh1097197.html $75 Good Old Days Chocolate Cobbler, 5 Pound - 2 per case. Health Household Sports Nutrition

Good Old Days Chocolate Cobbler At the price 5 per Pound - case. Ranking TOP6 2

Good Old Days Chocolate Cobbler, 5 Pound - 2 per case.


Good Old Days Chocolate Cobbler, 5 Pound - 2 per case.

Product description

This chocolate cobbler is pre-baked, es ready to thaw, warm, and serve. This is a great dessert option for delis or caterers with limited baking capacity, looking for an easy to prepare, rich and fudgy dessert.

Good Old Days Chocolate Cobbler, 5 Pound - 2 per case.

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