Notes,Hand,AIfupyi,Handpan,$528,Handmade,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,/eneugh1097497.html,Steel,,Drum,10,Professional,M Notes,Hand,AIfupyi,Handpan,$528,Handmade,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,/eneugh1097497.html,Steel,,Drum,10,Professional,M AIfupyi Professional Steel Hand Drum M 10 Detroit Mall Handmade Notes Handpan $528 AIfupyi Professional Steel Hand Drum Handpan 10 Notes Handmade M Musical Instruments Drums Percussion $528 AIfupyi Professional Steel Hand Drum Handpan 10 Notes Handmade M Musical Instruments Drums Percussion AIfupyi Professional Steel Hand Drum M 10 Detroit Mall Handmade Notes Handpan

AIfupyi At the price of surprise Professional Steel Hand Drum M 10 Detroit Mall Handmade Notes Handpan

AIfupyi Professional Steel Hand Drum Handpan 10 Notes Handmade M


AIfupyi Professional Steel Hand Drum Handpan 10 Notes Handmade M

Product description

Specifications :

Product name : Professional handpan
Product material : Selected thick steel
Product size : Diameter 56CM, height 26CM
10 notes : D3, A4, F4, D4, bB3, A3, C4, E4, G4, C5.
Product principle : Helmholtz resonance principle

Packing list :
Handpan × 1
Backpack × 1
Handpan stand × 1
Care solution × 1
Wiping cloth × 1
Audio test mallet × 2

AIfupyi Professional Steel Hand Drum Handpan 10 Notes Handmade M

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