$251 Flexilight LED Strip Light Flat Rope Light RGB 120V 50m 164Ft Cu Home Kitchen Seasonal Décor Home Kitchen , Seasonal Décor,LED,Flat,50m,Light,Rope,Cu,Light,cot.tv,$251,120V,RGB,/eneugh554997.html,Flexilight,164Ft,Strip $251 Flexilight LED Strip Light Flat Rope Light RGB 120V 50m 164Ft Cu Home Kitchen Seasonal Décor Home Kitchen , Seasonal Décor,LED,Flat,50m,Light,Rope,Cu,Light,cot.tv,$251,120V,RGB,/eneugh554997.html,Flexilight,164Ft,Strip Flexilight LED Strip Light Flat Rope 120V 164Ft Year-end gift RGB Cu 50m Flexilight LED Strip Light Flat Rope 120V 164Ft Year-end gift RGB Cu 50m

Flexilight LED Strip Indianapolis Mall Light Flat Rope 120V 164Ft Year-end gift RGB Cu 50m

Flexilight LED Strip Light Flat Rope Light RGB 120V 50m 164Ft Cu


Flexilight LED Strip Light Flat Rope Light RGB 120V 50m 164Ft Cu

Product description

LED RGB SMD5050 Strip Light
Voltage: 120V
Length: 50m (164Ft)/roll
LED Quantity: 60 LEDs/m
Cutting Length: 1m
Wattage: 450W/roll
Package Includes: 16-Color Remote Controller, End Cap, Male Pin

Flexilight LED Strip Light Flat Rope Light RGB 120V 50m 164Ft Cu

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34.558 Trade shows in 967 venues of 147 Countries. 647 Sectors Trade Shows in 1.740 Cities. News of 26.552 Exhibitors

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