Wooden,Cabinet,cot.tv,Astede,Bathroom,Cabinet,Standing,$98,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Storag,Side,/eneugh555097.html,Free Astede Free Standing Cabinet Bathroom Wooden Storag Side Boston Mall $98 Astede Free Standing Cabinet Wooden Bathroom Cabinet Side Storag Home Kitchen Furniture $98 Astede Free Standing Cabinet Wooden Bathroom Cabinet Side Storag Home Kitchen Furniture Wooden,Cabinet,cot.tv,Astede,Bathroom,Cabinet,Standing,$98,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Storag,Side,/eneugh555097.html,Free Astede Free Standing Cabinet Bathroom Wooden Storag Side Boston Mall

Astede Free Standing Cabinet Bathroom Finally popular brand Wooden Storag Side Boston Mall

Astede Free Standing Cabinet Wooden Bathroom Cabinet Side Storag


Astede Free Standing Cabinet Wooden Bathroom Cabinet Side Storag

Product description

x Description:

  • Wide applications: A practical and slim cabinet like this can be used as a living room end/side table or a bedroom bedside table/nightstand. You can put table lamps, books/magazines, reading glasses/cups on the top and store more items out of sight in the drawers. Its all-matching color will go well with a variety of home dandeacute;cor as well
  • Spacious storage: You can take a full advantage of the vanity tabletop and 4 deep drawers. The tabletop measures 11.8x11.8'' and is large enough for your knickknacks. Each of the four drawers has inner dimensions of 8.8x9.6x3.9'', offering ample space for your bath/beauty accessories and more for sure
  • Safe-to-use materials: This Yaheetech free standing bathroom cabinet only applies MDF boards that comply with P2 standards. Either the cabinet hardware or the white finish is all subject to rigorous tests on eco-friendly and durability conditions. Just so you know that Yaheetech cares about your health more than you do
  • Heavy-duty construction: The heavy-duty bath cabinet is constructed of quality MDF. It is capable of loading up to 19.8lb for tabletop and 7.7lb for each drawer. To safeguard your safety, it also includes an easy-to-install anti-toppling device in the package

  • x Specifications:
  • Color: white
  • N. W.: 20.3lb
  • G. W.: 22.9lb
  • Material: P2-compliant MDF
  • Easy-to-read user's guide/assembly manual attached
  • Dimension (LxWxH): 11.8x11.8x32.3”
  • Load capacity (max.): Tabletop:19.8lb; Each drawer: 7.7lb

  • Astede Free Standing Cabinet Wooden Bathroom Cabinet Side Storag

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