Simple,$53,Creative,WFSH,Fashion,Multi,Ceramic,Ashtray-Retro,Novelty,/epicycle1018810.html,,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products WFSH Novelty Ashtray-Retro Ceramic Manufacturer direct delivery Simple Multi Creative Fashion $53 WFSH Novelty Ashtray-Retro Ceramic Creative Fashion Simple Multi Home Kitchen Home Décor Products WFSH Novelty Ashtray-Retro Ceramic Manufacturer direct delivery Simple Multi Creative Fashion $53 WFSH Novelty Ashtray-Retro Ceramic Creative Fashion Simple Multi Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Simple,$53,Creative,WFSH,Fashion,Multi,Ceramic,Ashtray-Retro,Novelty,/epicycle1018810.html,,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products

WFSH Novelty New York Mall Ashtray-Retro Ceramic Manufacturer direct delivery Simple Multi Creative Fashion

WFSH Novelty Ashtray-Retro Ceramic Creative Fashion Simple Multi


WFSH Novelty Ashtray-Retro Ceramic Creative Fashion Simple Multi

Product description

As show
Color: Beige
Material: ceramics
Scope of application: home, office
1. This product is suitable for use in the bathroom, bedroom, living room, office and other spaces, light and practical.
2. In order to keep the bedroom clean, please try to replace the garbage bag in the trash can to prevent mosquitoes from entering.
3. Manual measurement may have minor errors, but does not affect normal use.
4. To ensure long-term use of the product, please do not place it at high temperature or clean it with corrosive liquid.
We do our best to prepare the best products for you. Depending on the difference between display and shooting results, the color between the image and the actual object may vary, depending on what you receive.
Note: Because the dimensions are measured manually, there are minor errors, not product defects. beg to be excused.

WFSH Novelty Ashtray-Retro Ceramic Creative Fashion Simple Multi

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