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1.35 ct Brilliant Round Cut Light Manufacturer direct delivery Halo Pave Ideal Cubi Sea Bombing new work Green

1.35 ct Brilliant Round Cut Light Sea Green Pave Halo Ideal Cubi


1.35 ct Brilliant Round Cut Light Sea Green Pave Halo Ideal Cubi

Product Description

Clara Pucci is a design, manufacturing and retailer of unique jewelry located in the center of the largest Jewelry District in California. We offer the highest quality jewelry products and materials in a broad range of styles. They are created, designed and manufactured here in Los Angeles. We use a variety of loose stones on our products, which range from conflict free natural, to lab-created and simulated stones.

  • The stones sold by Clara Pucci are genuine Gemstones
  • The information provided regarding the cut, clarity and size of our stones are true.
  • Over 30 years of experience delivering excellence

1.35 ct Brilliant Round Cut Light Sea Green Pave Halo Ideal Cubi

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