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Sticker Pocket Pussy Very Our shop OFFers the best service popular Stroker Mašterburbator Cup Male Mas

Sticker Pocket Pussy Stroker,Male Mašterburbator Cup Stroker Mas


Sticker Pocket Pussy Stroker,Male Mašterburbator Cup Stroker Mas

Product description

?Product Information:

  • ?Product Name: Double-end vibrating mǎstùrbǎtiòn cup
  • ?Product size: 215*84.5mm
  • ?Material: ABS+Silicon+TPR
  • ?Motor: T180 vibration motor/3.7V, N20 vibration motor/3.7V
  • ?Features: Double-end (ọrαl sℯx + vαginạl sℯx), double-end vibration
  • ?Working time: Normal working 60 minutes- 10%
  • ?Battery: 6020300 3.7V/300mAh
  • ?Weight: 710G
  • ?Charging: USB Charging

✔How to use vibrating masterburbator cups:

  1. ?Take out the masturbation cup
  2. ?Remove the covers from both ends
  3. ?Gently pull out the soft rubber
  4. ?Take off the vibrating ḃụ-llẹṭṣ with the inner rubber (Note: there are two vibrating ḃụ-llẹṭṣ, both need to be removed)
  5. ?Take out the entire inner rubber to wash
  6. ?After drying, put the two vibrating ḃụ-llẹṭṣ into the inner rubber

✿Delivery amp; Inquiry

  • ?Delivery: 2-8 days
  • ?Inquiry:Rely within Half day!

Sticker Pocket Pussy Stroker,Male Mašterburbator Cup Stroker Mas

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