$135 NYDZ Small Coffee Sofa Side End Tables for Small Spaces Corner B Home Kitchen Furniture Home Kitchen , Furniture,B,$135,Small,NYDZ,Sofa,/exchange1233375.html,End,Side,Spaces,for,cot.tv,Small,Corner,Coffee,Tables NYDZ Max 70% OFF Small Coffee Sofa Side End for Spaces B Corner Tables NYDZ Max 70% OFF Small Coffee Sofa Side End for Spaces B Corner Tables Home Kitchen , Furniture,B,$135,Small,NYDZ,Sofa,/exchange1233375.html,End,Side,Spaces,for,cot.tv,Small,Corner,Coffee,Tables $135 NYDZ Small Coffee Sofa Side End Tables for Small Spaces Corner B Home Kitchen Furniture

NYDZ New popularity Max 70% OFF Small Coffee Sofa Side End for Spaces B Corner Tables

NYDZ Small Coffee Sofa Side End Tables for Small Spaces Corner B


NYDZ Small Coffee Sofa Side End Tables for Small Spaces Corner B

Product description

We have a variety of sizes, a variety of table and chair household items bathroom accessories, welcome to buy
Name: small table
Quantity: 1 piece
Color: Wood color, reddish brown
Can be assembled: simple and easy to assemble
Additional features: Multifunction
Material: Rubber wood
Structure: bracket structure
Suitable for: living room, bedroom, balcony
Style: Simple and modern
Size Description: Measurement of product size by hand, please forgive the error of 1-3cm
Description: The picture is taken from the kind, such as light, angle, different display and other causes of color, please understand
This product only sells folding table and does not contain other items in the picture.
I am sorry, due to the lighting effects and the brightness/contrast settings of the display, the color of the website photos and actual items may be inaccurate, thank you for your understanding.
If you have any questions, please contact us through Amazon's messaging system, we will respond to you within 24 hours and give you a satisfactory answer.

NYDZ Small Coffee Sofa Side End Tables for Small Spaces Corner B

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