$158 WXQ-XQ 60 x 260mm Air Belt Sander Sandpaper 10000rpm Protable Pn Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools WXQ-XQ 60 x 260mm Air Belt Colorado Springs Mall Sandpaper Protable Sander Pn 10000rpm $158 WXQ-XQ 60 x 260mm Air Belt Sander Sandpaper 10000rpm Protable Pn Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Belt,cot.tv,60,Sandpaper,Sander,/fellation1018768.html,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,x,Protable,Air,Pn,WXQ-XQ,10000rpm,$158,260mm WXQ-XQ 60 x 260mm Air Belt Colorado Springs Mall Sandpaper Protable Sander Pn 10000rpm Belt,cot.tv,60,Sandpaper,Sander,/fellation1018768.html,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,x,Protable,Air,Pn,WXQ-XQ,10000rpm,$158,260mm

WXQ-XQ 60 x 260mm Air Belt Colorado Springs National uniform free shipping Mall Sandpaper Protable Sander Pn 10000rpm

WXQ-XQ 60 x 260mm Air Belt Sander Sandpaper 10000rpm Protable Pn


WXQ-XQ 60 x 260mm Air Belt Sander Sandpaper 10000rpm Protable Pn

Product description


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Name: Pneumatic wire drawing machine

Idling speed: 10000RPM

Working pressure: 6-8KG

Belt size: 60*260MM

Roller size: 60*50MM

Use air tube: 5*8MM

Weight: 2KG


1 x pneumatic wire drawing machine

1 x wrench

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WXQ-XQ 60 x 260mm Air Belt Sander Sandpaper 10000rpm Protable Pn

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