$30 FC-12897 DIY-Jewelry 20pcs 13x34mm Retro Jewelry Accessories Let Arts, Crafts Sewing Crafting FC-12897 DIY-Jewelry 20pcs 13x34mm Dedication Accessories Jewelry Retro Let cot.tv,Accessories,$30,FC-12897,/fellation1019068.html,13x34mm,Arts, Crafts Sewing , Crafting,Jewelry,DIY-Jewelry,Retro,Let,20pcs $30 FC-12897 DIY-Jewelry 20pcs 13x34mm Retro Jewelry Accessories Let Arts, Crafts Sewing Crafting FC-12897 DIY-Jewelry 20pcs 13x34mm Dedication Accessories Jewelry Retro Let cot.tv,Accessories,$30,FC-12897,/fellation1019068.html,13x34mm,Arts, Crafts Sewing , Crafting,Jewelry,DIY-Jewelry,Retro,Let,20pcs

FC-12897 DIY-Jewelry 20pcs 13x34mm Dedication Accessories Jewelry Max 49% OFF Retro Let

FC-12897 DIY-Jewelry 20pcs 13x34mm Retro Jewelry Accessories Let


FC-12897 DIY-Jewelry 20pcs 13x34mm Retro Jewelry Accessories Let

Product description

Item Description:

- Please check item Color, Size and Quantity carefuly and feel free to contact us if more information.

- There are may have slight different in colors,because of the computer monitors setting.

- With difference in measurment method pls allow 1-2cm tolerance.

- Package included: 1Pcs/Lot/set

Item Specification:

Item Weight: 5g

Jewelry Findings Type: Connectors

Item Height: 1.3cm

Product Features: connectors

Item Width: 0.2cm

Item Length: 3.4cm

Item Type: Jewelry Findings

Material: Metal

Metals Type: zinc Alloy

Item Diameter: 0inch

FC-12897 DIY-Jewelry 20pcs 13x34mm Retro Jewelry Accessories Let

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