$110 Slip and Slide Water Slide,Double 5.5m Slide for Kids Outdoor Toys Games Sports Outdoor Play $110 Slip and Slide Water Slide,Double 5.5m Slide for Kids Outdoor Toys Games Sports Outdoor Play Slip and Slide Water Slide,Double Great interest Kids Outdoor 5.5m for Outdoor,Kids,5.5m,for,cot.tv,Slide,Double,and,Slide,Slip,Water,$110,/fellation1097268.html,Slide,Toys Games , Sports Outdoor Play Slip and Slide Water Slide,Double Great interest Kids Outdoor 5.5m for Outdoor,Kids,5.5m,for,cot.tv,Slide,Double,and,Slide,Slip,Water,$110,/fellation1097268.html,Slide,Toys Games , Sports Outdoor Play

Slip and Slide Water Slide,Double Great interest Kids Outdoor 2021 spring and summer new 5.5m for

Slip and Slide Water Slide,Double 5.5m Slide for Kids Outdoor


Slip and Slide Water Slide,Double 5.5m Slide for Kids Outdoor

Product description

♢Product name: children's water skis // lawn water skis / outdoor surfboards / garden toys

♢Product specifications: 2 slides

♢ Product size: length 550cm/217 inches, width 140cm/55 inches

♢Product introduction: One side has water spray function. The product does not need to be inflated. After connecting the water pipe, water will be sprayed continuously. The faucet must be connected. Recommended for use on the lawn.

♢Packing list: 1 per bag

Suitable for summer family parent-child activities, invite everyone to play water slides together.

Slip and Slide Water Slide,Double 5.5m Slide for Kids Outdoor

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