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XingKunBMshop Sun Lounger Lazy Chair Folding Chair Round Chair L


XingKunBMshop Sun Lounger Lazy Chair Folding Chair Round Chair L

Product description

Ideal for tailgating, mountaineering, motorcycling, hunting, music festival, concert party, park, BBQ, road trip, adventuring and anyone looking for light travel without the bulk. A decent Holiday Gift for families and friends.
Product Name: Casual Moon Butterfly Chair
Fabric material: velvet, oxford hem
Bracket: alloy steel pipe
Filling: PP cotton
Whether to assemble: no assembly required
Net weight: 3.9kg
Gross weight: 4.5 kg
Bearing capacity: 102kg
Color classification: rose red contrast color wool
Light blue raised velvet
Style: simple and modern
Suitable for: adults
Portability and Strength in one Lightweight Package. Perfect for hiking, camping, tailgating, Bbq, picnics, concerts, sporting events, the beach. backpackers, car camping or anywhere you travel!

XingKunBMshop Sun Lounger Lazy Chair Folding Chair Round Chair L

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