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WUYUESUN Fine Hairdressing Save money Scissors Professional Selling and selling Barber Scissor

WUYUESUN Fine Hairdressing Scissors Professional Barber Scissor


WUYUESUN Fine Hairdressing Scissors Professional Barber Scissor

Product description

Thank you for choosing our product. Our shop's first Shishi comes to our store for each person and has a good shopping experience.
If you have any product or logistics problems, please contact customer service in time, the customer will handle it Compatible with you within 24 hours! ! !

✄Functional description

Made of high-quality steel - it will realize your dream of becoming a professional hairdresser! It is very suitable Compatible with you to cut/short hair, cut it Compatible with your family, and cut your baby's hair. It is also recommended that hairdressers use this series of scissors.

Suitable Compatible with: family haircuts, children's haircuts, hairdressers

✄ Professional Hairdressing Scissors set is made of premium Stainless Steel, it is of high quality and longevity.

✄This hair cutting shears has sharp blade which can easily create the perfect trim, cut and fade and avoid damage or split hair ends.

✄Ideal tool Compatible with hairdressers, barbers as well as Compatible with family or individual use.


Very sharp scissors! Please keep it away from kids.

✄Scissors maintenance instructions

1.Please don't cut the air.

2.High quality steel, high sharpness, when you use the scissors,you must pay attention to safety.

3.Please keep it clean after using,can lubricated if necessary.

4.Please be careful with the scissors,don't drop from high level,this will destroy marginal adaptation of the scissors.

5.Don't use them to cut metal objects.The scissors can only be used Compatible with hair trimming, otherwise it will shorten the life of using

* Liquid is forbidden Compatible with international shipping,we won't put oil into the package

WUYUESUN Fine Hairdressing Scissors Professional Barber Scissor

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