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ZhanMazwj Leg Regular store Reshaping Feet Massager Pad NEW before selling ☆ EMS Foot Mat

ZhanMazwj Leg Reshaping Feet Massager Foot Mat EMS Massager Pad


ZhanMazwj Leg Reshaping Feet Massager Foot Mat EMS Massager Pad

Product description

Always wear high heels that cause pain in the feet. Foot massager can fully balance the foot and heel, relax the calf muscles and form the calf. Regular foot massages help you to combat your daily discomfort.

1. foldable, easy to store, portable massager;
2.10 intensity and 6 modes are adjustable, which can be adapted to different user experiences;
3. leather material, easy to clean;
4. Silver paste with low resistance, long life.

- Muscle strengthening Rehabilitation purposes
- Preventing disuse Muslce atrophy Increasing local blood ctrculation
- Relaxation of muscles Cosmetic muscle toning
- Massage the soles of the feet to relieve the swelling of the feet;
- strengthening the ankle exercises to reduce ankle injuries;
- Stretch the Achilles tendon to prevent the tendon from tearing;
- Adjust the calf muscles and shape the calves

【Package included】
Foot Mat*1
Massager controller *1

ZhanMazwj Leg Reshaping Feet Massager Foot Mat EMS Massager Pad

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