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Super Special SALE held GCZ Waterproof Ranking TOP10 Windproof Tarpaulin Edge Foldab Enveloped Thicken

GCZ Waterproof Windproof Tarpaulin Thicken Enveloped Edge Foldab


GCZ Waterproof Windproof Tarpaulin Thicken Enveloped Edge Foldab

Product description


Product Description
The tarpaulin can be reused and extended, suitable for extreme weather and field conditions, and provides the best UV protection.

Product name:Waterproof Tarpaulin/ Windproof Tarpaulin
Material: PVC
Product weight:80g/m²

★The tarpaulin can be used in the following areas:

Buildings: protect the wood, stone and machinery of the building.
Agriculture: protect grain, feed and machinery.
Residence: Protect boats, trailers, swimming pools, garden furniture and barbecue grills from rainforest weathering.

★Product features:

PVC material: good air permeability, blocking far infrared rays, high strength
Good heat insulation and water resistance: The button hole is reinforced around the button hole with cover, with galvanized anti-rust protection, and long service life.
Thickening: stronger, stronger, longer service life, waterproof, dustproof, windproof, and greatly improved heat insulation.
High transparency and good light transmittance.

★Cleaning method: It can be wiped with soap or washed with warm water, but it cannot be cleaned in the machine.

GCZ Waterproof Windproof Tarpaulin Thicken Enveloped Edge Foldab

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