$33 SDMFUNS Little White Hair Girl Body Pillow Cover Anime Uncensore Home Kitchen Bedding $33 SDMFUNS Little White Hair Girl Body Pillow Cover Anime Uncensore Home Kitchen Bedding Anime,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Little,Pillow,SDMFUNS,/indemonstrableness1233473.html,Body,Girl,cot.tv,White,Uncensore,$33,Cover,Hair SDMFUNS Little White Hair Girl Pillow Body Cover Anime Uncensore Chicago Mall SDMFUNS Little White Hair Girl Pillow Body Cover Anime Uncensore Chicago Mall Anime,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Little,Pillow,SDMFUNS,/indemonstrableness1233473.html,Body,Girl,cot.tv,White,Uncensore,$33,Cover,Hair

SDMFUNS Little White Branded goods Hair Girl Pillow Body Cover Anime Uncensore Chicago Mall

SDMFUNS Little White Hair Girl Body Pillow Cover Anime Uncensore


SDMFUNS Little White Hair Girl Body Pillow Cover Anime Uncensore

Product description

Color:Little White Hair Girl

■ Methods of Cleaning Body Pillowcase

1.Take The Anime Pillowcase off the pillow and put it in the laundry bag if you use the washing machine.

2.Gentle mode and low temperature.

3.Remember to use mild detergent and no bleach.

4.Tumble dry at low temperature.

※Do not wring it fiercely if you wash pillow cover by hand. And when you dry it, please avoid the direct sunlight.

■ Functions

1.Decoration: With variouse styles and colors, it can be a pretty good decoration in your bedroom, living room, study, office and so on.

2.Gift: It can be used as a decoration and at the same time it can help people to have a good rest. Therefore, it is a ideal gift. Especially for people who like anime.

■ Warm Prompt

There is no insert in the package. Hugging body dakimakura cover only. And this pillowcase is tailored for any fillers with the same size.

SDMFUNS Little White Hair Girl Body Pillow Cover Anime Uncensore

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