Set,Duvet,Aico,pc,in,7,Jinx,,Queen,/lignoceric1018987.html,$230,Dove,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Amini 2021 model Aico Amini Jinx 7 pc Duvet Queen in Set Dove $230 Aico Amini Jinx 7 pc Queen Duvet Set in Dove Home Kitchen Bedding Set,Duvet,Aico,pc,in,7,Jinx,,Queen,/lignoceric1018987.html,$230,Dove,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Amini 2021 model Aico Amini Jinx 7 pc Duvet Queen in Set Dove $230 Aico Amini Jinx 7 pc Queen Duvet Set in Dove Home Kitchen Bedding

2021 model Aico Amini Jinx 7 pc Duvet Queen Virginia Beach Mall in Set Dove

Aico Amini Jinx 7 pc Queen Duvet Set in Dove


Aico Amini Jinx 7 pc Queen Duvet Set in Dove

Product description


A playful bohemian design printed on an ivory cotton ground and paired to a woven stripe add to the artisan vibe of the Jinx bedding set. Hand tufted ivory chenille outline some of the printed pattern on the duvet and shams with yellow and blue embroidery adding more dimension. Note the yellow and blue tufting in the stripe and also found on the euro shams. Such amazing workman ship. Adding the finishing touch are 2 beautifully coordinated decorative pillows with removable covers and hypoallergenic polyester filling. Button closure on the duvet secures the comforter insert (NOT included) within the duvet cover.

  • Finish/Color: Ivory
  • 97 % Cotton 3 % Viscose
  • Spot Clean Only
  • Style:
  • Material: Fabric
  • Colors: Ivory
  • Size:
    - Queen Size Duvet - 92 x 96
    - Standard Shams - 20 x 26
    - Euro Shams - 26 x 26
    - Square Pillow - 20 x 20
    - Oblong Pillow - 18 x 18

Order Include: 1 Queen Duvet, 2 Standard Shams, 2 Euro Shams amp; 2 Pillow


Limited Manufacturer Warranty

Aico Amini Jinx 7 pc Queen Duvet Set in Dove

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