DJDLLZY Nose Ear Now on sale Eyebrow Trimmer Unwanted Remove 4-in-1 E $34 DJDLLZY Nose,Ear Eyebrow Trimmer 4-in-1,Remove Unwanted Nose,E Beauty Personal Care Shave Hair Removal 4-in-1,Remove,Nose,Ear,Trimmer,Beauty Personal Care , Shave Hair Removal,/lignoceric1233187.html,Eyebrow,Nose,E,,$34,DJDLLZY,Unwanted DJDLLZY Nose Ear Now on sale Eyebrow Trimmer Unwanted Remove 4-in-1 E $34 DJDLLZY Nose,Ear Eyebrow Trimmer 4-in-1,Remove Unwanted Nose,E Beauty Personal Care Shave Hair Removal 4-in-1,Remove,Nose,Ear,Trimmer,Beauty Personal Care , Shave Hair Removal,/lignoceric1233187.html,Eyebrow,Nose,E,,$34,DJDLLZY,Unwanted

DJDLLZY Charlotte Mall Nose Ear Now on sale Eyebrow Trimmer Unwanted Remove 4-in-1 E

DJDLLZY Nose,Ear Eyebrow Trimmer 4-in-1,Remove Unwanted Nose,E


DJDLLZY Nose,Ear Eyebrow Trimmer 4-in-1,Remove Unwanted Nose,E

Product description

USB charging shaver, nose hair device, eyebrow trimmer, temple knife four in one

The double-ring floating knife net of the shaver is closer to the root of the hair, which can cut off the hair quickly without hurting the skin

Shaver with 9 pieces of stainless steel blades, thin and sharp blades, shave fast, accurate, stable, without hair pinching

The nose hair device R-shaped rounded cutter head is safer to trim

The cutter head is rotated and disassembled for easy cleaning and replacement

Body wash, wet and dry

Material technology: ABS+UV

Power supply mode: USB charging

Charge for 3 hours, discharge for about 30 minutes

Battery: AA 400mAh

Dimensions: 3.1x3.1x12cm

Accessories: Nose hair cutter head, eyebrow trimming cutter head, limit comb cover, sideburn cutter head, hair brush

Gross weight: 17kg, net weight 16kg

Happy shopping! If you encounter any problems during the transaction or use, please contact us and we will solve the problem with you. If you need more products, please click on my shop to choose.

DJDLLZY Nose,Ear Eyebrow Trimmer 4-in-1,Remove Unwanted Nose,E

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