Gmjay 5PCS Folding Ranking TOP13 Hideaway Hooks Mount H Retractable Wall Coat $28 Gmjay 5PCS Folding Hideaway Hooks Wall Mount, Retractable Coat H Home Kitchen Storage Organization Wall,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,/lignoceric555187.html,5PCS,Hooks,Mount,,Coat,Retractable,Gmjay,Hideaway,$28,Folding,,H Gmjay 5PCS Folding Ranking TOP13 Hideaway Hooks Mount H Retractable Wall Coat Wall,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,/lignoceric555187.html,5PCS,Hooks,Mount,,Coat,Retractable,Gmjay,Hideaway,$28,Folding,,H $28 Gmjay 5PCS Folding Hideaway Hooks Wall Mount, Retractable Coat H Home Kitchen Storage Organization

Gmjay 5PCS Max 71% OFF Folding Ranking TOP13 Hideaway Hooks Mount H Retractable Wall Coat

Gmjay 5PCS Folding Hideaway Hooks Wall Mount, Retractable Coat H


Gmjay 5PCS Folding Hideaway Hooks Wall Mount, Retractable Coat H

Product description

1.You will get 5 pieces key hooks for wall, 5 pieces screws, 5 piece hollow wall anchors.
2.The heavy duty wall hook has a strong bearing capacity, is not easy to fall, and can easily bear a weight of 30 pounds.
3.The hat rack hooks for wall is a full-opening and closing V shape, the hanging is more stable and does not slip off, and the foldable design saves your room space.
4.The coat hook wall mounted is made of space aluminum solid material, and a multi-layer process forms a protective film that is wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, and not easy to scratch.
5.The hook for hanging coats is suitable for a variety of scenes and walls, and the exquisite streamlined profile can match various home styles.

Name:Folding Hideaway Coat Hooks
Material: Space Aluminum
Color: black

Package Included:
5 coat hooks
5 screws

Gmjay 5PCS Folding Hideaway Hooks Wall Mount, Retractable Coat H

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