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ZZF Combination Wardrobe Cloth ! Super beauty product restock quality top! Large Portable Cupboard Max 43% OFF

ZZF Combination Wardrobe Cloth Wardrobe Cupboard, Portable Large


ZZF Combination Wardrobe Cloth Wardrobe Cupboard, Portable Large

Product description

Color:Style B

Welcome to this store: ZZF
When visitors come, you can just unfold the roller shutter to hide your clothes and other stuffs.
Material: Breathable Fabric
Frame Material: Metal
Whole Size: 168x46x168cm/66x18x66 inch
If inserting the tube is too difficult, soak the plastic connector in hot water for a short period of time.
Be careful when installing and removing.
Due to the screen settings, you may notice a slight chromatic aberration.
Package Content:
1 x Wardrobe
1 x Manual

ZZF Combination Wardrobe Cloth Wardrobe Cupboard, Portable Large

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